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Best SSD card for pc in 2021

Best SSD card for pc in 2021

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1) WD blue SN550

2) WD_Black SN750


4) SAMSUNG 970 Evo

5) Crucial P5

SSD ( A solid state drive ) is a storage device that use to store our date. Today we are going to understand about SSD there is tow type of internal SSD which we can use in both laptop or PC.

First is SATA SSD is traditional SSD. You are probably most familiar with it. Its used in pcs and laptops. Mostly SATA SSDs are 2.5in wide as they are designed to fit in laptops its look like small HDD. And they are also compatible with all latest PCs .

If you want to upgrade your laptop SATA SSD you have to ensure it will fit or not some SATA SSD are 9.5mm thick rather than 7mm.

There is other type is a PCIe SSD. It gets confusing cause there are other acronyms and terminology too: there is NVMe and M.2 Put simply, PCIe ( PCI Express) is supersedes SATA because it is a much faster interface.

Now upcoming all latest laptops or computer are come with NVMe M.2 slot, NVNe stands for non-volatile memory express. This SSD look like a ram its long stick that similar to ram you just have to connect with your pc or laptop motherboard that sit. It’s faster than SATA SSD because it’s not use more power compare to SATA

Second one is M.2 NVMe this stick base SSD that consume less power to SATA as we got understood its little bit expensive but worthily. Or much faster than other SSD

But its depend on your requirement which on you need so I have created a list best SSD for your pc both type SSD if you want SATA SSD or M.2 SSDs

You can use both SSD at same time in your system rather its pc or laptop if you want a good performance in your system.

Here is list of NVMe M.2 SSD card for pc or laptop both

1) WD blue SN550

  • Solid state Hard Drive
  • Series SN550
  • Hardware Platform PC, Linux, Mac
  • Storage capacity  250Gp up to 2 Tb
  • PCIe gen 3×4 Interface
  • Form factor M.2 2280
  • Read speed up to 2600Mbs
  • Write speed up to 1800Mbs

WD blue SN550  its come with various storage capacity 250Gb to 2TB interface PCIE gen 3×4 form factor M.2 this SSD read speed up to 2600Mb/s or Write Speed up to 1800Mb/s. most important thing in SSD is its read and write speed.

WD its very popular brand for Storage device you can trust on it. Free to buy its give your systems lighting fast performance, ultra – responsive performance. WD blue SN550 NVMe SSD can deliver over 4 time fast speed to your system. Rather you playing casual game or doing some other graphical work its give you very smooth performance.

2) WD_Black SN750

  • Interface PCIe gen4
  • Read speed up to 3600Mb/s
  • Write Speed Up TO 2900Mb/s
  • There is no RGB
  • Capacities 1TB, 500GB,250
  • Compatibility PC/Laptop

If you making a very strong gaming pc or do you want to upgrade your gaming pc or laptop SSD with super – fast giving performance system then you can choose this one SSD. Not only for only gaming it’s give you very great experience of you system. WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe SSD have PCIe Gen4 Technology. That delivers blistering read Speed up to 3600MB/s to help your system optimize gaming or other heavy works  also  its come with 5 year limited warranty so you can game on with confidence.


Best SSD card for pc in 2021
  • Read Speed up to 7000Mb/s
  • Write Speed up to 5300MB/s
  • Capacity come up to 2TB
  • Monitor drive Health and Optimize Gameplay
  • Next-gen PCIe Gen4 Technology

If you want a super-fast computer SSD, then this SSD is best for you, in this SSD you get the highest read and write speed. If you are looking for a best and fast performing SSD this is best for you.

Which is great in this SSD rest to other SSD is its speed or its PCIe gen 4 Technology that make it more reliable and powerful SSD which help you to gain great performance in your system.

4) SAMSUNG 970 Evo

Best SSD card for pc in 2021
  • Brand Samsung
  • Read speed is 3500Mb/s
  • Writeing speed up to 2500MB/s
  • Form factor 2.5 M.2(2280)
  • 5 year limited warranty

If you a brand lover you like some popular brand thinks so this is best for you this SSD produce by Samsung brand there is no much difference between others SSD there is if changes only about price or read or writhing speed about SSD nothing more deffrence about this SSD but its about to you which one you would be choose. If we talk about this SSD it 970EVO NVMe m.2 V-NAND SSD, its come with various storage capacity like 250GB to 2TB. You have to choose according to your requirement

5) Crucial P5

Best SSD card for pc in 2021
  • Storage Capacity 250GB To 2TB
  • Read speed up to 3400 Megabyte per Second
  • Write Speed up To 3000 Megabyte per Second
  • Innovative 3D NAND and Cutting – edge Controller Technology
  • 5 Year warranty

Maybe you are familiar with crucial brand. Crucial is very popular for computer hardware’s. This is also great choice for you. This is SSD also enhance your computer booting speed. Give you great performance. After installing this SSD your operating system open almost instantly your apps or other games or software launch within seconds. It can optimize performance and durability.

It’s give you read speed up to 3400Mb/s or wring Speed up to 3000Mb/s which provide you super-fast performance this is best SSD who people are looking great SSD for their laptop or computers. Or you will get 5 year warranty with this SSD

are ssd drives faster than hdd ? 

HDD ( Hard disk drive ) are a legacy Storage Device technology that use spinning disks in it to read or Write date. SSDs are more faster more power full than HDDs cause it have not any big physical part which no need more power to consume more electricity so that’s why SSDs are faster than HDDs

why ssd is expensive ?

SSDs are more expensive because it have store directly on chips and thus are much faster its require less Electric power. More modern technology rather than writing to a magnetic disc like an HDD

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