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Best external SSD for gaming USA 2021

Best external SSD for gaming USA 2021

Best external SSD for gaming USA 2021. If you want to store your huge games or other data in very safely or you need faster performing storage device so external SSD is best for you. SSD is 7x faster than HDD you can easily transfer your data to one device to another quickly. Beauty of External SSD storage device is we can carry easily anywhere where we want. IT’s easy to fit in our pocket. We can keep it in our bag pocket.

External SSD’s are very small size or thin compare to other Storage device special HDD. It has very light weight. I have made this External SSD list by some criteria like Brand or SSD read or write speed compatible devices and Storage capacity etc.

List of External SSD for gaming 

Product Name

Product Rating

Avaiable On

1 WD_Black P50

2. Seagate 

3. Seagate Game 

4 . External SSD.

5 JOIOT 250G 

1 WD_Black P50 Game External Portable Drive SSD

WD full form is Western Digital it’s an American base company this brand is popular for its storage devise. 

WD_black P50 game drive this is portable external SSD this compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, or Desktop and other Gaming Console 

WD_black this is standard Edition of WD SSD there another edition also available its call by Call of duty special Edition you can choose wherever you like

It’s come with different storage variant like 500GB to 4TB you can purchase according to your requirement

This SSD weight is 115 grams only its very litre weight SSD

If we talk about its speed up to 2000Mb/s its take very less time to transfer you data or give you fast performance

2. Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD 

Seagate is an American Data storage brand this brand is also popular for its data storage devices. This External SSD come with three storage variant 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

This SSD is compatible with Xbox PlayStation or Desktop. Its give you reliable performance.

This is SSD gives 540 MB/s Speed to file transfer if we talk about its featuring It has minimalist design and Sleek with Green LED Accent light .

You can connect this SSD with Mac Laptop, mini PC, Desktop using the reversible USB- type C cable and its help to keep your file protected and synced with its own backup software sync plus software

3. Seagate Game 

Seagate Game External SSD come with 2 TB storage capacity if we talk about its hardware interface its USB 3.0 which means its come with USB version 3 cable that you can connect in your laptop or your Xbox.

It’s read speed up to 540 Megabytes per Second its compatible with Gaming Console or Desktop. This External SSD designed for Xbox one but you can use it of other place too.

If you purchase this SSD you will Get 2 Month Xbox game pass Membership so you got free access to 100 plush games with a limited time membership for Xbox only?

You can easily plug and play with USB 3.0 Connectivity there is no need any Power cable

If we talk about its look and weight or other features so this is a lightweight SSD with Shock resistant design. The body of this SSD black Finish to complement it’s provide you 3 year limited warranty 

4 . External SSD.

Eaget Brand of this SSD its form factor 2.5 inch long SSD its storage capacity 256 GB or Its hardware interface is USB type C. you can connect this SSD with USB type C cable. Its read speed is 500 Mb/s or write speed up to 308Mb/s that give you fast and Extraordinary Performance.

You can connect this SSD USB type – C and USB 3.1 Gen 1 you can easily transfer large- sized data you can store 4K videos high resolution photos or gems.

If we talk about its compatibility so its compatible with windows OS. Linux and Mac OS.

It have mini design and lightweight this is very small portable SSD its Weight 50 grams you can carry this in your pocket or purse.

What will you got with this SSD you will get a type c to USB A data cable or its provide 12 month warranty

5 JOIOT 250G Portable External SSD 

JOIOT 250G Portable External SSD storage capacity is 250 GB its hardware interface is USB type C. its read speed is 200 Megabytes per second or write speed is 400 Megabytes per second.

This SSD is very compact Portable small Solid State Drive Anti Drop it’s made by plastic material, or shock resistance, vibration resistance with Head dissipation.

The appearance of SSD Design is Unique to other SSDs look like small biscuit. Its colour black look beautiful with transparent crystal frame.

You can carry this SSD in your Pocket or purse also you can hang on you keychain via the frame of SSD you can carry this SSD in anywhere

If we talk about Performance it’s built in NAND flash and USB 3.1 gen 2 Interface SSD.  You can transfer large files high resolution photos videos it’s computable with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

This SSD Also Support in Laptop or Smart phone like android phone with USB type C port using a Connector

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