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Best 1TB MicroSD Card SanDisk

Best 1TB MicroSD Card SanDisk

Micro SD card as you are seeing day by day that the more storage capacity of our phone is decreasing because all the devices that are coming nowadays, if we talk about them, then they are high-resolution. There are devices like when talking about their camera, there are high-resolution photos, there are videos and those high-resolution photos take up a lot of space in our storage, in the same way, if we talk about videos, then if we talk about videos in HD. Be it or Ultra HD, then we need to have that much storage capacity inside our device, then we need more storage.

 Because these days more and more storage is given in all mobile devices but still one day it becomes less for us because every day we save something in our phone and because of this our phone’s storage becomes full. If so, because of this we need an external micro SD card, then in this article I will talk about some of the best micro SD which will be beneficial for you, due to which you can back up your data and store it well. So some of the best micro SD cards, I will talk about them in this article.

Best 1TB MicroSD card you should buy

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1. SanDisk 1TB Extreme

2. Sandisk microSDXC Extreme Pro

3. SanDisk 1TB Ultra

1. SanDisk 1TB Extreme

So our first 1tb is Micro SD, that is microSD, in this memory card you get the storage capacity from 32GB to 1TB and it gives you high transfer speed of 160MB at read speed and 90MB/s. Gives write speed If you are a user who watch Ultra HD 4K videos all the time and do video storage like 4K or Ultra HD then you should take this SD card because its storage is 1tb which will be enough special for your phone device. The specialty of this SD card is that it is temperature proof, water proof and X – Ray proof.

 So you are getting a lot of benefits from this, you can do 4K video ultra HD video with higher resolution and it supports all types of devices that have 4K videos and high resolution, so you can put this in any device like that.

2. Sandisk microSDXC Extreme Pro

Our second micro SD card is SanDisk Extreme Pro, its capacity comes to 1tb, if we talk about data transfer, it gives read speed of 170MB per second and wirte speed of 90MB per second, this can be done on your digital camera smartphone or Professional VR Camera can be installed in camera or drone or tablet, it can transfer any large file very easily,

 if I give example, it can transfer 1000 high resolution photos 4K within 3 minutes. Videos can save HD videos because the size of the videos is very big, so to save it, we need such a large capacity.

 An SD card will be required.

3. SanDisk 1TB Ultra

Our third micro SD card is that of SanDisk Ultra, if we talk about the storage between 32GB to 1 TB, we get a micro SD card, if we talk about the speed, then we get 120 MB per second read speed and Write speed of 104 MB / S is available, this is also a very fast SD card,

if there is a problem of storage every time in your phone, then you can take such SD card, you can store very big files in it. Whether you want to store HD movies or ultra HD videos in this, you can easily store them in this.

Will it work with my device?

Whether One 1TB micro SD will be supported in your device or not then you have to check first whether your device supports 1tb micro SD card or not but as of now all new devices are coming new phones are coming.

All of them have micro SD card support from 1TB to 2 TB, so you have to check your device first, to check that you can see the guidelines that came with your phone or your model number whatever your device Yes, by putting it on Google, you can search its details about it, later you buy this micro SD card, then first you check your device whether your device supports 1tb micro SD card or not.

Is the 1TB SanDisk Extreme worth it?

One TB’s SD card is valuable for you or not, yes it is a valuable SD card, you can store up to 1TB of data, if you see, earlier SD cards with so much storage did not come, but now the size of the file also increases. It is already that the size of all types of files is increasing.

 You will be able to store a lot of data in the 1TB SD card, whether it is any type of file, video file, image, any large document, you can store any type of data comfortably inside it and with it you also get the trust of SanDisk. If yes then it is absolutely valuable for you can take this 1tb SD card

How much data can I store on a 1TB microSD card?

How many files can we store inside 1 TB, then first understand that 1TB is also how much is 1TB = 1024 GB, then you can store up to 1024 GB data inside 1TB SD card and 1024 GB is very big size and you can put any big file inside it, I think it will be enough storage capacity for you.

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